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The Bible Overview Chart
by K.E. Malberg

The Bible Overview Chart...the foundation you need for increased understanding is now faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Now a single glance reveals the time, setting, content, author and order of every book of the Bible. The Bible Overview Chart, by K.E. Malberg, shows all 66 books of the Bible, and for each book:

  • A general outline of its contents
  • A chapter-by-chapter summary
  • The geographical setting (color-keyed to 19 Bibleland maps)
  • The chronological setting (shown on a Genesis-to-Revelation timeline)
  • The book's writer, the time of writing and even the location of the writer!

This portrayal of all the books in only two views (Old and New Testaments) shows how they all fit together in a unified theme. It provides a foundation, a guide to learning, and a key to the total harmonious architecture of God's word.

The Bible Overview Chart is a powerful tool for Bible study, individual Bible reading and study or home schooling. Printed in brilliant color on high quality paper and FOLDABLE, so it easily fits into standard-sized Bible Covers and Keepers.

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Bible Overview Chart
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Bible Overview Chart
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